like a lightbulb in a dark room

I got bored on snapchat.

I found this dress.
(It comes in black & grey, and black)
Its very expensive.
I will never wear it.
But for this moment…
It was fun.

Light Switch

I’m sleeping at my friends house
(Her air mattress is taller than my bed, soo awesome, but not the point.)

Usually the lamp is on & you can click it off from the bed no problem. Room is really small & full of bookshelves, basically a small library.
Well its got a closet with slotted doors and one door is kept open cause more books.
The light to the closet is where the lamp used to be. No problem, crawl into bed, switch it off, sleep. No problems.

The switch is a lie. Up is on, down is on.
MIDDLE is off.
Seriously a full 2 minutes of furious switching before I realized what was going on.

They had margaritas with dinner & I’m the one who can’t work a light switch.
This is why I don’t drink. I’d be a mess.
Frapping light switch lies.

Fuck it

Can’t do more tonight so I’ll lay in bed& start season 4 of Gilmore Girls.

I’ll tell my mother about econ tomorrow. Figure out what to do & how to tell dad.

Literally expecting to loose my car in the argument that will ensue. If I don’t also loose my ability to race (as in they forbid me from racing & or training) I’ll feel lucky.


Schedules & lists are SO satisfying! An ultra marathon!? You are amazing. Also, favorite store & socks = winning

They are smartwool socks! If you don’t own anything smartwool start with the socks, but the shirts & tights are great too! I’m still adjusting to the fact I actually agreed to do a 50k in the mountains. I have asthma & hills are a big deal for me. Plus I ran 9 miles on Thursday & that’s the longest I’ve ever done! I’m suddenly going to be an ultra runner? I guess before & after shots should be taken..
I’m sorry you had a cruddy day. I hope you feel better, buy socks. Or a sportsbra, those always make me happy.


WOW! What a race, after being 14 minutes behind on the bike Rinny pulls an absolutely amazing marathon & wins her third crown & beats her previous Kona marathon by 12 seconds! 

It was down to the wire for a while but holy cow!! What an amazing race!


Veteran run businesses are the shit.

Send me Patches

I need more patches.

At least send me ideas.

and cookies.

I’m hungry.


This is basically my whole day. I want to eat.

The weekend I spent with a bunch of amazing, high quality, folks in the mountains, crewing a particularly crazy one while he ran 100 miles over them.

I have lived in 3 countries, on 2 continents, and an island. I speak two languages, & I have traveled from coast to coast & lived all over the USA.

This is an unforgettable weekend. 

That first date free solo… we went up & down a few times it was quite fun. Just the two of us, on this random cliff. We actually went to rappel down another face but this looked climbable so we just started..

That’s how you build a strong foundation guys. Fight bears, join a pack of wolves, free solo, do something where one or both of you could easily die.

Is this asthma or anxiety?

I’m failing my econ class.

I can catch up & get some credit but I’m having trouble & its a lot of work right now & i just don’t like it so I cant focus..

I did a short run to get out of the house for a while & it didn’t go well I never got to the ‘clear head, happy, running’ place.

Wanted: Employee for Entry Level Position


The successful candidate will have a minimum of five years experience in a similar role, own their own transport, be related to someone I know and like, be proficient in Excel and kangaroo wrangling, have gold-plated nipples, and be willing to work full hours at minimum wage.

Damn I’ve got myself a handsome dog..

Damn I’ve got myself a handsome dog..

My boyfriend wrote a book

And I read most of it

I distinctly remember it saying that nobody gets into running to run ultras.
Well he hadn’t met me yet.

Hi I’m Kate and I’m hard headed and think I can do anything with a good pep talk.

Well I’ve done a last minute, canceled one loop, Ragnar trail relay, a very flat 8k, and a sprint triathlon.
I’ve done two 10ks on my own. I’ve bikes 100miles because I wanted too.

And now I’ve agreed to run a 50k in 6months.

Never run more than 7-8miles in my life and I agree to run an ultra. Sleep deprivation is a funny thing folks, makes you agree to things without thinking.

This will be a fun 6months.