like a lightbulb in a dark room


I’m afraid there are some people who will never purposefully and willingly wake up at 6am, make a perfect cup of coffee, put on their hiking shoes, step outside onto their front door step, and just start walking into the desert. They will never experience the cool, crisp fall air and the colors of the sky slowing fading into orange. The sunrise in the desert has a purity about it. New start. Quiet. Peace. And then the birds and the sun will join you and you will not be alone.


trying to do your homework and being on tumblr at the same timeimage

Just Ordered My Yoga Ball Desk Chair!

and foam rollers. 

I’ve been foam rolling all day.. Its been great. Painful, but great. 

Tomorrow I will do some cross training & homework. Then there is a Pirate Party I’ve been invited to for a birthday of a friend. I don’t own any costumes anymore but I’ll dress up as close as I can get.

You seem to have been raised differently than most people. Did you ever have a lot of problems with self confidence or any problems with eating disorders?


My uncle just raised us the way he was raised.

To this day I still don’t care about name brand clothes and stuff as long as it fits well and I’m comfortable. He raised me to know what I was capable of and to strive to be the best and that because I was the only girl didn’t mean I was less than my male cousins. My great work ethic started early, straight A’s, varsity sports, I never felt like I was less than until about high school. Everyone goes through self confidence problems at some point, when I had a hard time with it my uncle sat me down and was like don’t let it get to you, it’s someones opinion of you and it has 0 effect of your life, it’s their problem not yours.

Since then if someone doesn’t like me or anything I’m like that seems like a personal problem. It’s seriously helped me a lot. 

When it comes to eating disorders….I just ate to fuel my body through sports. While girls would eat salads all the time I’d be like lol no. I was a wrestler so I’d cut weight at the beginning of the season by eating as clean as possible, get at least 8-10lbs under the weight class and then eat comfortably. I ate til I was no longer hungry and not overly full. Several of my teammates had eating disorders and yeah sometimes I’d go days without eating to drop a weight class but never for long. My coach didn’t encourage eating disorders. We had dinner as a team once a week and we really learned to value food and healthy eating through wrestling because no other sports had to watch their weight as closely. I am always full aware of what I weigh but it doesn’t mean that it holds my self worth. I’ve been as light as 112 and as heavy as 189 and either way you couldn’t tell I weighed what I weighed. I tend to carry my weight well and I know I’m strong, fast, and made it to nationals and that’s what mattered to me then. Guys at school always thought I cared about their opinion when they’d say I’d look best at 112 or ~150s and I’d just laugh and be like my body is mine and if you don’t like it then go away because I’m not changing it for you. 

My weight will never define me and I will always change it for myself. I know myself and my value and no ones taking that from me. 

My own very lonely triathlon.
I think I’m ready for Giant Acorn.
I’m gonna just barely make it but I’m gonna tri!



got in the pool at 7:15

class at 9:30

ate some cliff blocks

class after that at 11:00

Quick pita & hummus at home

Physical Therapy at 1:30

2:45 I’m doing homework in the yard

4:30 change clothes for work

5 Leave for work

5:30 Scramblers Team (rock climbing!)

7:30 team is done, talk to parents 

8-8:45 I’ll get home in this window

Eat dinner of some sort



Only Tuesdays are this busy.

Tomorrow is 10 days from race day…

My friend called me last night & I didn’t sleep cause he got me all hyped up.

I do not want to swim today

I do not want to swim today

Well that’s one way to ruin my runners high

Thanks dad.

After dropping Steve off at the airport I ran a 10k & watched the sun rise. This was last week, but I forgot to tell you.

I’ve never been to the Lincoln memorial. Drive behind it ALL THE TIME, never been. Also never really been to the White House. Kinda seen it from the mall, looked at it for a while, then went somewhere else.
I did fall down the steps of the Jefferson memorial on a date with Steve. One of our best motorcycle/night ride/dates.
The capital isn’t as interesting when you live here.. Kinda like the beach when you live in Hawaii, sand is just part of your day now. There are no trails not linked to some kind of history here.

Awesome run though, felt fantastic to be back out & I got to see some of the Nations Triathlon (swim canceled because of sewage in the Potomac). And got a good amount of the trail to myself because it was so early.

Giant Acorn Sprint

I’m signed up. 

I am now committed.



This is way more time to prep than I usually do for races…

the bra I was trying to buy sold out while I was ordering it. 


(I’m supposed to be buying the 2xU bra for my tri anyway since my original went missing…)